Sunday 17 April 2022

Attractive Yellow Flowers at the Corner – Part 2 – Nature 19

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- The Rainbow Before Evening : Attractive Yellow Flowers at the Corner – Part 1 – Nature 19

Fig 01- The tree is ready to grow either in the ground or bigger pot.

This plant is native of:

- Australia
- Papua New Guinea
- and Indonesia

Originally, the tree can reach the height higher than my one story of house height, but the trees from nurseries are cultivated to be shorter and dwarf.

So, we can plant them in a pot.

Fig 02- Xanthostemon vertilicus, the flower is white
(credit to Australian National Botanic Gardens)

This tree has other beautiful name, “Golden Penda”, and some of local people call it “Bunga Jambu Kuning” or “Junjum”.

Fig 03- Xanthostemon auranticus, yellow threats with reddish petals
(credit to Flower Database)

Even the name spell in different words, but the meaning still refers to its botanical name (from Greek): Xanthostemon chrysanthus

Fig 04- Leaves and a fruit.

The meaning of name is following:

- Xantho means yellow
- stemon means stamen or treats;
- chryso mean gold;
- anthos mean flower

I am thinking to plant this tree in my back yard.

Perhaps (expected), many animals or insects will enjoy to come over. They are such as:

- birds
- bees, bugs and butterflies

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Friday 15 April 2022

A Bird on the Exit Sign in the Library – Part 1

When I came to the library in my town, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it was surprising me that a small black bird on the exit sign.

I saw from a quite distance, I thought it was really bird.

Fig 01- A cute bird sitting on the Exit sign.

How come the bird could enter library?

I ask myself.

After walking closer….,


A fake little cute bird, a sign for whoever lost their way in the library, especially for new visitors.

A quite smart way to get attention from visitors.

Fig 02- An area outside library

Fig 03- Purple lily at garden

Fig 04 – Trees and white Azalea

I guess the bird is a black crow, where Corvus capensis is its scientific name.

Some people call American crow or Cape crow. Their length size is quite larger with about 49 cm in length.

Sure, the bird is completely “dark” or black.

The birds are easily seen throughout USA. I myself often observe the birds in my backyard.

They are perching on the branches of my trees.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Wednesday 13 April 2022

May Smartphones Lead You Older Quickly? - Part 2 – Health Life 18

You may read previou part (Part 2):

- The Rainbow Before Evening : May Smartphones Lead You Older Quickly? - Part 1 – Health Life 18

Fig 01- Smart phones sold in Walmart

Tech neck also called a “text neck which refer to neck pain due to look down at screen for quite longer.

Tech neck could:

- stress muscles and skin
- then cause pain and stiffness to neck and shoulder.

Pain in the long run may lead to headaches.

Tech neck is wrinkle, pain and headache that make people look older.

Fig 02- Looking down while walking

Fig 03- A cute cat, just for illustration

Another problem with using cell phone too much is “digital dementia.” It is because users depend everything on cell phone, include information.

Then it leads to “the breakdown of cognitive abilities,” where cell phones dependent losses short term memories.

Moreover, If we look down our electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and tabloids, let’s say more than 4 hours daily, then we may have problems relate to aging.

Finally, how many hours a day that you look down to your cell phone or other electronic devices?

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Monday 11 April 2022

When the Georgian Chicken Came to My Kitchen – Part 1 – Food 12

I was excited reading and commenting the Natalia's blog. She just posted the savory chicken recipe that she called Georgian Chicken:

- Georgian Chicken | Lessons in the kitchen (

Fig 01- Chicken breasts.

I had curiosity about this recipe. The name of this chicken recipe was intriguing for me.

I was not alone, one of my blogger friends also wondered about this name, and she asked Natalia: “The name of the chicken was George?”

This chicken recipe is from Georgia, the name of a country. I believe you know where Georgia is.

Yes, Georgia was a former Soviet Union, and became independent as a country in 1991.

Fig 02- Several colors of bell peppers in the grocery

Surely, my friend Valerie does not know this recipe, because this recipe might be not familiar in Georgia where is Valerie from.

Fig 03- Vegetable from backyard, just for illustration

Yes, Valerie was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Here, Georgia is a name of state in the Southern part of USA.

Fig 04- A stalk celery and a tomato.

What is the special from this recipe?

In this recipe, Natalia used white meat chicken (chicken breast) and bunches of vegetables:

- a cup chunk tomatoes
- a bell pepper
- cilantro
- or parsley
- or dill.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Friday 8 April 2022

Attractive Yellow Flowers at the Corner – Part 1 – Nature 19

The petals are always attractive, hence It does not matter about their colors. Petals always give a specific vibrant for all of pair of eyes.

This kind of flowers, the stamens are more attractive than the petals.

Fig 01- Xanthostemon chrysanthus with yellow flowers.

The stamens from the base of petals have long extended filaments or threat and have beautiful bright anthers that boldly seduce the:

- birds
- bees
- bugs
- and butterflies.

When looking at the flowers, their appearances remind us to the Myrtle such as Bottle-brush. 

Fig 02- Green at the corner

Fig 03- A little corner with several flowers

Fig 04- Xanthostemon youngii, species with red flowers (credit to Flickr)

Exactly, this species is belong to Myrtle Family (Myrtaceae). This family consists of:

- 150 genus
- 3300 species

There are some other species without yellow colors, quite interesting for me.

They are such as:

- Xanthostemon youngii, the flowers is red.
- Xanthostemon auranticus, yellow threats with reddish petals
- Xanthostemon vertilicus, the flower is white.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Tuesday 5 April 2022

How did Alzheimer find out the change in his patient's brain? - Part 2 - Alzheimer's 3

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- How did Alzheimer find out the change in his patient's brain? - Part 1 - Alzheimer's 3

Fig 01- Example photo brain tissue by using fluorescence micrograph
(Picture from

Nissl discovered what we have known as Endoplasmic Reticulum. In the past this organelle also called Nissl body.

In the lab that coordinated by Dr. Alzheimer, some sources mention Alzheimer team, including H-G Crcutzfeld and A. Jakob.

Based on their (H-G Crcutzfeld and A. Jakob.) finding, we got understanding about mad cow that also called Jab Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).

The disease caused by eating bad meat or the meat from the cattle that infected by a certain disease.

Fig 02- Crowd of people

Fig 03- Beans, illustration only

Fig 04- Rose in the yard

Fig 05- People in an event, just for illustration

Another a brilliant person who had been worked in the same lab was Frederic Henry Lewey. He discovered Lewy bodies, then we known as Lewy body dementia.

The common clinical manisfestation for with Lewy body are disturbance in thinking, memory and movement (motor control).

Lewy body dementia (LBD) is a kind of dementia which associated with abnormal deposits of a protein (alpha-synuclein) in the brain.

It is the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer's disease dementia.

So Dr. Alzheimer found the brain feature of a kind dementia by staining brain tissue of his patient.

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Friday 1 April 2022

May Smartphones Lead You Older Quickly? - Part 1 – Health Life 18

As reported by bankmycell (2022) that there are about 6.64 billion smartphones in the world. It is mean around 83.7% people have own smartphones.

Almost every bodies have smartphones.

Fig 01- Tech neck due to look down to mobile phone 
(credit to Dreamtime)

Then, what is relationship between smartphone and health issues or smartphones affect on let’s say aging?

We might know that a lot of factors or combine factors may lead to aging faster. Just for few example are:

- Lack of sleep (normal sleep is 6 to 8 hours a day).
- Smoking
- Drinking
- sunlight
- Sitting more than normal.

Fig 02- Just for illustration

I am quite surprise that mobile phone may cause aging quickly.

Fig 03- Wild flowers, illustration only



Fig 04- A cute sign at neighborhood

Many people use their mobile phone to conduct activities such as:

- Reading and sending messages
- Check their social medias: twitter, face book, blogging
- Internet connecting to search information
- Play game
- Update with news
- Watching TV and Film

If above activities need looking down to mobile phone too long, it would cause what experts call as “tech neck.”

# To be continued to Part 2

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