Saturday 27 January 2024

Farming nearby Our Neighborhood - Nature 120

We live in urban area, however, our neighborhood close to "little" forest and several farming. Few seems just for fun than commercial. 

Image 01 - A horse with her baby. 

One of farming is horse farming, a small farming with two horses and babies. Honestly, I never ridden and even didn't know anything about horses. Mostly, just knowing through watching movies or TV.

The owner of horse tells me that the horse is Mustang breeding with could be mix with other breeds.

Based on GoogleID, Google AI Chatbot and Bing, yes, the above horses, mother and baby (Image 01) are Mustang breeding with could be mixed between Mustang and a quarter horse. 

Image 02 - Blooming of Magnolia, illustration.

# Posting about critters:

Image 03 - The horses play outside.

The breeding could have some coat colors such as:
- brown
- bay
- dun
- and pinto.

Image 04 - Cactus fruit, illustration

The horses are smaller than other horses breeding. The height is about 60 inches (152 cm).

Image 05 - A foal, the baby of horse 

The breeding has strong bones and hooves, together with its intelligence, hence this breeding could be trained for multiple purposes. 

Image 06 - Morning glory, illustration. 

Interestingly, the horses can survive on variety of food sources, thus, they are good for work, riding and racing.

Image 07 - Garbage packs, Illustration.

Horses are feed twice a day, morning and evening. Horses also need walking around pin. 

Fig 08 - Horses walking outdoor.

Do you know about horses?

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Wednesday 24 January 2024

The Yellow Four O'clock Flowers - Nature 119

 The name "four o'clock" is interesting for me. Actually, the flowers have another name that is Marvel of Peru.

Image 01 - Blooming of Yellow Four O'clock Flowers 

Some neighbors said that 4 o'clock flowers are easy to grow and take care, hence good for the first start gardeners.

The name of 4 o'clock refers to flowers open about 4.00 PM or in the afternoon or in the early evening. 

Interestingly, the flowers stay open more than 12 hours when temperature quite lower, then they close again when the heat of sun comes.   

The flowers have several attractive colors, in addition to yellow, other colors are red, pink and white.

Image 02 - Four o'clock plant in the pot. 

# Important posts:

Image 03 - Yellow Jasmine, just illustration.

Four o'clock flowers can be planted by seeds. We may buy the seeds from nursery or garden centers or online at Amazone. 

Image 04 - Yellow flower, illustration.

Seeds could be sown indoor or on the ground. It could take 2 to 3 months to have first flowers.

Image 05 - The indoor plant of four o'clock. 

Do you know about Four o'clock flower?

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Friday 19 January 2024

A Lizard Called as a California Newt - Nature 118

We just found a kind of lizard or salamander or newt in our neighborhood. The first time we have seen this kind of critter. 

Image 00 - A lizard on the hand 

After observing a while, we can conclude that some characters of this newt are:
- brownish color with orange underparts. 
- slender body with four legs and a bit long tail.
- visible texture of moist and smooth skin appearance.

Based on identification by GoogleID and BingID, this critter could be a California newt species.

The California newt with scientific name Taricha torosa is known as endemic species to California.

Image 02 - Plants, just for illustration.

# Some postings:

Image 03 - A bird, illustration only.

Strangely, how this California newt, the endemic species to California could arrive in Louisiana?

Fig 04 - A wild plant with little fruit.

The possibility that one of our neighbors has this newt as a pet, then the critter escaped, end up in the yards.

Image 05 - The Christmas tree, illustration.

Just to let you know that California newts have toxin called tetrodoxin, a powerful poison like poison in pufferfish.

Fig 06 - The plants around neighborhood.

Have you seen the California newt in the nature?

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Monday 15 January 2024

Winter Blooming of some Flowers in the Garden - Nature 117

Winter in our city barely reach below zero degree Celsius, hence some flowers blooming well in the "cold season."

Image 01 - A pansy flower in the garden.

We found some dominant flowers, two of them which are blooming in the garden during winter seasons are:
1) A pansy flower
- violet colors
- Scientific name for flower is identified as a Viola cornuta by GoogleID

2) The snapdragon variety
- colors could be yellow and many other
- GoogleID identifies scientific name for this flower is Antirrhinum majus.

Image 02 - The snapdragon variety

Image 03 - Yellow of the snapdragon.

Image 04 - Several flowers blooming

Image 05 - Blooming in the winter.

Image 06 - Blooming of the pansy.

Whay kind of flowers are blooming in the winter in your areas?

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Saturday 6 January 2024

Chickens Enjoying Freedom Outside - Nature 116

 When we saw several chickens in one morning, we thought they are loose. But, another morning we saw them again.

Image 01 - Chickens play outside.

We think are not loose. They are taking a stroll and enjoying freedom. The owners may let them out early in the morning as that is when we usually see the chickens again and again.

They give us a little chuckle as they go about the morning duties. I've only seen them in the mornings though, so I think they are possibly let out at that time. They play around and find some natural foods.

Wild chickens may consume variety of foods, including insects, plants and fruits. They may consume ants, termites, flies, grasshoppers and worms.

Image 03 - Illustration only, California

We believe that it is good to allow chickens are roaming outside. It is good fot their health, since their immune system will be stronger.

Image 04 - Just one chicken left.

Chickens could stimulate their mood or well being, since they get fresh air and sunshine regularly.

Image 05 - A Monarch butterfly, illustration only'

Our neighborhood has Cayotes roaming, especially at night. We hope that Cayotes don't attack and kill the chickens.

Image 06 - Chickens, seen from car.

Have you seen some chicken roaming in your neighborhood?

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Friday 29 December 2023

The Orchid Flowers in Singapore - Nature 115

 We have two previous posted about Singapore in respect to indoor garden and variety of succulent plants.

Image 01 - Purple orchid, Singapore

You may read two previous postings:

Singapore ever be top world exporter of orchids in the world, but now, has a lot of competitors, from around the globe, and even from Europe (Netherland) and America (USA). 

Image 02 - A white flowers, Singapore

Thailand is the competitor from neighbor country. It exports about US$ 67.6 million in 2021.

Image 03 - Mokara (identified by GoogleID)

# Important postings:

Image 04 - A rare variety of orchid, Dendrobium sp.

Netherland is a competitor from Europe, and even as top orchid exporter in the world in 2021.  

Image 05 - Dendrobium sonia, identified by GoogleID

Singapore has about 220 species of native orchid species, grow well in Singapore forest and natural reserves.

Image 06 - Other Dendrobium varieties.

We may find about 1,000 species and more than 2,000 of orchid hybrids in the Singapore orchid garden.

Image 07 - One of orchid hybrids, Singapore

Do you love orchid? 

What variety?

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Saturday 23 December 2023

Is Brisk Walking better than Slow Walk? - Part 2 - Healthy Life 28

You may read the previous post (Part 1):

- The Rainbow Before Evening : Is Brisk Walking better than Slow Walk? - Part 1 - Healthy Life 28

Image 1- A Pepsi truck stop by in neighborhood

ScienceDaily (March 16, 2021) also reported surprising finding from UK scientists that:

- there is connection between fitness level and Covid 19 virus infection.
- walking fast will less likely to get severe case of Covid 19, and less chance to die.
- live longer, up to 20 years

So, how often should we walk fast and how long?
- every day, about 20 minutes


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